Myrtle Beach Communications has taken their services to a whole new level. The video surveillance division develops a plan to meet the specific needs of our customers.  Security cameras are a vital part of any business. They protect your patrons, protect your assets and save you time and money.

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Top Reasons Why Every Business Needs Security Cameras

We have found that every customer has their own reason for installing a video surveillance system in their business. Below are some of the top reasons noted by our customers in the Myrtle Beach and Coastal Carolina areas as to why they chose to install our video security systems.

  • Proactive defense of criminals- Surveillance cameras do a great job of deterring a criminal or even a mischievous kid. When the cameras are noticeable, it is less likely that the perpetrator will act out in front of the camera.
  • Sense of Security for Patrons- Whether you have a retail business right next to the Skywheel or you have a resort in North Myrtle Beach, crime is still a reality. Your patrons want to know that they are safe. When the cameras are visible and they know someone is looking out for their best interest, they can relax and spend more time (and money) at your establishment.
  • Loss Prevention-  Security cameras are a great tool for loss prevention. They can combat theft from customers and even theft from employees. Theft from employees can also include lost time when you find that employees aren’t putting in the time and effort for what they are getting paid.
  • Proof during a lawsuit or insurance claim- Nothing holds up in court like a good ‘ole video! When a patron “accidentally” slips and falls or even if someone damages your business property. Pull the footage, it’s your #1 asset.
  • Save money on property and liability insurance- Depending on your insurance carrier, you could get big premium credits for having a video surveillance system installed.
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