Renting two-way radios can be very beneficial for companies and events. This eliminates the large lump sum payment and has no long term commitment like having radios in stock.

What is the one of the biggest things we have found in working in event radio rentals? Event coordinators of concerts, cheer competitions and large sporting events, and all other special events know how important it is for key personnel to keep in constant contact.  Unfortunately, you don’t realize that the communication is failing until an emergency arrives.

When you use MB Communications Two-Way Radio Rental program, you don’t just get a bunch of radios in a box with your walkie talkie rentals. You will always receive specific instructions on how to use and care for the radios. During special events, one of our trained team members will personally deliver the radios and be available to stay with the tower to make sure that everything is running smoothly.

Nation-wide Radio Rentals are Available

While our home office is in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, we have traveled to various locations across the country such as California, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky and Connecticut….the list keeps growing.

We have two-way radio rentals available in these and surrounding areas:  Charleston, SC; Columbia, SC; Greenville, SC; Wilmington, NC; Virginia Beach, VA; Raleigh-Durham, NC; Asheville, NC; Louisville, KY; Memphis, TN; Chattanooga, TN; Huntsville,  AL; Birmingham,  AL; Montgomery, AL; Atlanta, GA; Augusta, GA; Savannah, GA; Mobile, AL; Panama City, FL; Tallahassee, FL; Jacksonville, FL; Orlando, FL; Tampa, FL

Rental Map

Our radios are state of the art Motorola Radios, often referred to as walkie talkies. They can be rented on a short term or long term basis.  We have systems that will cover areas such as the Myrtle Beach Convention Center or cover Horry, Georgetown and Marion Counties.

  • Quantity and long term discounts
  • Wide Area and Short Area Rentals
  • 2 Days – Monthly Rentals Available
  • Extra Equipment: Headsets, Speaker Mics or Batteries
  • Can ship throughout U.S.
  • References available upon request
  • Rent 5 and the 6th is free!

What types of organizations and events benefit from our radios?

Any organization or special event organizer that does not want the upfront cost of owning and maintaining radios will benefit from our two-way radio rental program.

These are just a few of the event types that we know benefit from our radio rental program:

  • CrossFit Games
  • Mud Runs
  • GoRuck Events
  • Concerts and Music Festivals
  • Bike Week
  • Cheer Competitions
  • Marathons and Triathlons
  • Golf Tournaments
  • Horse Races
  • State Fairs