Myrtle Beach Communications is the only authorized Motorola sales and service center in the Grand Strand.  We offer digital two-way radios, accessories, repeaters, antennas, batteries, etc. and service.   Whether you are renting or leasing two way radios, purchasing a new digital radio system, requesting equipment repair or filing/updating your FCC licenses, MB Comm is the expert when it comes to digital communication solutions.

Why Choose Us
Industries We Serve
  • Rentals, Sales & Service of Two-Way Radios
  • Provide Towers and FCC Licenses
  • System Installed on Your Location
  • OR Tap Into the Power of MB Comm Connect Plus System
  • We look for the best solution for your business and your budget
  • Public Service
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Education & School Systems
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Amusement Facilities (Golf, go-kart, etc)
  • ….Many More

Our #1 Goal is to be a solutions expert for our clients!   We work closely with our clients to layout the exact coverage area that they need for their business, the frequency that they will need to use internally and if they need to be able to communicate with other companies on their frequencies.  We treat each customer as if they were our only customer and build a custom system to meet their needs and their budget.

Two-Way Radio Sales or Leasing

Why can’t I just buy some radios off of the internet?    Radio communications is not cookie cutter and can lead to disaster if not set up properly.  The worst time to find out that your coverage isn’t sufficient is when you need it the most. This is why it is extremely important to have a trained professional evaluate your specific needs and come up with the solution that will not only insure that you have the proper coverage, but are getting the most product, service and coverage for your area.

Capacity Plus System

MBComm Connect System

(Build Your Own)
(Tap Into Ours)

The MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus system is a state of the art digital communication system mixing new-age technology with time tested two-way radio functionality.  This system is used to create a system at your location from the radios to the antennas and even upgraded repeaters if necessary in order to give your system a boost.  This system will allow up to have a unique custom built communication system for your unique industry.

The MBComm Connect system is where power meets convenience.  We allow customers to tap into the power of Myrtle Beach Communications digital radio system.  This system allows customers to harness the voice and data communications options such as talking, texting, GPS location. Overall increasing productivity, safety and saving a ton of money in the annual budget.  Many of our clients have praised this system because you don’t have to be a large company benefit.

  • Custom Built for Your Organization
  • Up to 1,200 radios
  • Data and Voice Applications (GPS, Text, etc.)
  • System-wide calling
  • Monthly fees, easier to budget
  • Maintenance plans available
  • No Minimum Number of Radios
  • Data and Voice Applications (GPS,Text,etc.)

Moments that Matter

Why can’t our staff just use their cell phones to communicate?   There are times when you realize that cell phones don’t always work.  Concrete buildings often block cell signals when inside. This can be a major issue for instant communication, as well as, an extreme inconvenience.  However, when you really need communication and cell phones just don’t work would also be times such as the devastation that Hurricane Matthew left behind on our community.

Equipment Repair

Myrtle Beach Communications started in 1954 as an authorized Motorola Solutions Service Elite Specialist and to this day remains the only authorized Motorola Service provider on the Grand Strand.  Several of our technicians have been working for us for decades and improving their craft with every piece of new technology that comes their way.  We would venture to say that there is not a two way radio that they could not repair.

How do I get my equipment serviced?

Our service facility is conveniently located in Seaboard Industrial Park at 1330 Enterprise Ave.   You are welcome to drop off your equipment, however, we offer free pick-up and delivery for your equipment.  Simply give us a call, 843-444-1199 or complete the request form and someone will call you to schedule pick-up.

FCC Licensing

FCC Licensing can be very complicated.  MBComm can take care of all of your licensing needs.  We have seen nightmares of Myrtle Beach companies having delays, steep fines, loss of their licenses all because they were not prepared correcting and they did not meet the deadlines set by the FCC.  You can print a copy of the FCC Rules & Regulations for your review.

What do I do if I receive a notice from the FCC? 

All you need to do is send us a copy.  Our trained team will review the notice and give you step-by-step instructions on how to become compliant with the FCC regulations.  One of the common notices is advisement that it is time to renew your license.  We can handle the renewal for you anytime within 90 days of the expiration.

How can I view my FCC license?

Simply visit the FCC’s Universal Licensing System.

If you would like MBComm to review your licenses, please contact us today.